Sea Differently

Asher Wales leaves the fins in the car & takes the Softech Handshaped for a spin.
Sea Differently.
Video Jackson O'Brien

Chris Durl
Surf with TC winner

Congratulations again to our Surf with TC winner Avery Brown!

She and her dad got flown down to Sydney from the Gold Coast and spent the morning with Tom Carroll surfing some super clean autumn waves on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Avery got the chance to try out a number of boards in the Softech range and with the help of TC pushing her into a few peelers she was soon laughing and stoked to be sharing waves with dad and the two-time world champion.

Tom was only too glad to be passing on his knowledge and stoke to yet another generation.

Check out the video for all the action.

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Chris Durl
The Softech Flash

This all-round hybrid shape has a fuller nose and lots of volume under the chest for easy paddling, and a tapered tail outline for tighter turns in hollow sections.

The Flash will motivate you to surf on any given day due to the uncanny feel and performance similarities between a soft and hard skin board. This is performance with a serious injection of fun.

Screw in your favourite FCS fins for additional drive and response.

Available in 5'0 & 5'7

Rider: Asher Wales

Chris Durl
Avery Wins The Softech Surf With TC Competition

We were blown away by all the entries received for the Surf With TC Competition #SurfWithTC. Surfers of all ages & levels submitted some amazing photos showing them enjoying their Softech boards.

Big congratulations goes out to 6 year old Avery in sunny Queensland Australia, who was chosen as the winner. Avery has been surfing for just over a year after her parents purchased her a Softech 5'6" Rocket Fuel.

Avery & her Dad will be meeting up with x2 World Champion Tom 'TC' Carroll soon for a 1-on-1 surf lesson ...stay tuned for the video.

 6 yr old Avery, the lucky winner of the Surf With TC Comp.

6 yr old Avery, the lucky winner of the Surf With TC Comp.

 Some of the other great entries from Softech riders around the globe.

Some of the other great entries from Softech riders around the globe.

Chris Durl
Win A Surf Lesson With Tom Carroll

We’re giving you the chance to win a one on one surf lesson with two time World Champ and all round legend Tom Carroll.
All you have to do is upload a photo of you & your Softech foamie via Instagram and you could be flying to Sydney to surf with Tom!
Follow these 2 easy steps to enter:
1. Upload a photo of you & your Softech board.
2. Hashtag #surfwithtc & @softech_softboards

The winner will be drawn on the 31st January 2017 & notified via Instagram.
Competition is open to Australian residents only.
Includes return flights to Sydney + transfers +meal costs for the day.

Full T&C's here

Good luck!

Chris Durl
New 2017 Range Release

The team here at Softech are proud to announce the launch our new 2017 range of softboards. The new range is available in Australia now, & will hit all other regions early 2017.

View The New Range 


Tom Carroll - Performance Series

Tom Carroll's Signature Model. The feel and performance close to a standard fibreglass surfboard.

Sizes: 5'10" , 6'0" , 6'6"


Brain Child  - Performance Series

A stable & responsive hybrid shortboard. Reliable in mushy through to hollow conditions.

Sizes: 5'8" , 6'3"


Mystery Box - Performance Series

Inspired by the latest performance hybrid models. Full deck grip included.

Size: 5'2"


Flash - Performance Series

This hybrid shape strikes a balance between paddle power, speed and turning response.

Sizes: 5'0" , 5'7"


Torpedo - Summer Series

Short, full outline with loads of volume makes this board super smooth and stable.

Sizes: 5'4"


Rocket Launch & Attack - Summer Series

Short with lots of area up front. Tri fin set up provides plenty of control through turns.

Sizes: 4'4" , 4'6"


Handshaped - Learner Series

Safe, soft and fun. Great beginner template and shape.

Sizes: 5'4", 6'0", 6'6" 7'0", 7'6", 8'0", 8'4"

Chris Durl
Another Happy Softech Customer

We recently received two great videos from happy Softech customers.

The first video is from 6 year old Noah on Sydney's Central Coast who created his first surf video (with Dads help) on his Softech Tom Carroll 'TC' Signature board ...go Noah!



The second video really shows how versatile the Softech range is! Adam barrel hunting at a beautiful reef break at Wreck Bay in NSW Australia


To buy online we recommend:

SurfHardware Australia

SurfHardware USA

Chris Durl
The Softech Cup

Softech is a proud supporter of Surf Schools worldwide. In recognition of their great work every year we run a series of friendly invitational surf contests open to local instructors.

The aim of the day is for all the surf schools to come together to share a wave & have a good time surfing against each other in tag-team events. 

Board ridden in this years event: 5'8 JL DSS board 

As you can see from the photos there was some truly amazing surfing on show, & we were very lucky to have some talented local surfers compete at our event.

Congratulations to the below winners, & there is a rumor that next year we may even run the event final in a wave pool!

Winners of the Softech Cup: France
Gironde/Charente: Ocean Ride from Lacanau.
Landes / Pays Basque: Capbreton Surf Club.
Final event: Sharkpool Surf School from Labenne.

Chris Durl
Grip Friendly

Did you know you can use a tail pad grip on any of our DSS range of Softech SoftBoards . 

Grip eliminates the use of wax and that means NO MESS, no fuss and the board stays looking fresher and newer for longer.

Grip Friendly DSS Softech SoftBoards:

Softech SoftBoards recommend grips from FCS or Gorilla for our DSS range of boards.

Chris Durl
Cody's at it again
 Cody from our USA Customer Service Team showing the capability of the TC series

Cody from our USA Customer Service Team showing the capability of the TC series

If you've visited the Softech Facebook page you will recognize this face. This is Cody from our USA Customer Service Team, & when he's not helping customers choose the perfect softboard he's out in the surf practicing what he preaches.

The above photo really does show the capability of the Softech Tom Carroll 'TC' Softboard range. Not only are the boards stable & durable which is perfect for learner riders, but by simply adding a set of FCS fins you can transform the board into a high performance surfboard.

"People often don't realize the amount of research & development that goes into our Softech softboards. Kids will have a blast learning to surf on a quality board, & mums'n dads can take that same board, paddle out the back & rip on some of the best waves of their life" -Cody

 Cody Rides:
5'4 TC Pro Softboard
FCS V2 Quad Fins


Chris Durl
TCE for quality and durability
 The Softech TCE: Temperature Controlled Environment  ensures the highest quality of softboard lamination.

The Softech TCE: Temperature Controlled Environment ensures the highest quality of softboard lamination.

The Softech TCE: Temperature Controlled Environment ensures the highest quality of SoftBoard lamination. 

Our exclusive facility conducts temperature controlled testing on ALL Softech SoftBoards at 70’C for a minimum of 2 HRS. This simulates an oven like environment and ensures the highest quality of lamination.

Why is lamination important for SoftBoards?
100% Heat lamination is crucial to get correct in production. This is when the top and bottom skins are adhered / joined to the core of the SoftBoard. 
If the Heat lamination is not correctly adhered / joined, you will get what’s called “delamination” where the deck or slick material creates a bubbled effect and may peel off. 

Are all Softech SoftBoards tested in the TCE?
Yes, all our boards are tested to ensure that you receive a top quality board.
Look for the Softech TCE hologram sticker for our stamp of quality and assurance.

Handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, Softech boards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment.


Chris Durl
Surfing in the Czech Republic with Softech

Welcome to the first static wave for surfing in the Czech Republic. Our local contact Honza created this video showcasing this unique wave, & we were stoked to hear that many of the local riders use Softech surfboards. For more details check out their website Surf Wave


Chris Durl
The perfect learner
 Softech JL NXL: the perfect intro to surfing for the young ones

Softech JL NXL: the perfect intro to surfing for the young ones

This little ripper is only 7 years old & already nailing all the surfing basics!

Riding the Softech 5'8 JL NXL: this board has plenty of volume making it stable, fun & the perfect board for the young ones to progress their surfing. With the leash plug & soft fins included its straight down to the beach!

Chris Durl
Harry launches his Rocket
 Harry, 8 years old & ripping on his Softech Rocket.

Harry, 8 years old & ripping on his Softech Rocket.

We were stoked to receive this email from Andrew in Cornwall, U.K. His 8 year old son Harry has been ripping it up down at the local on his Softech Rocket. Keep shredding Harry & we hope to see you gracing the cover of a few surf magazines in the future.

"That board is the best thing I could've bought him, it's really brought him on, much better than the usual 8ft swell boards kids usually struggle with" -Andrew from Cornwell.

Photo: Nick Pumphrey at surfnseastives


Chris Durl
Readers Rides

Softech Readers Rides

(Click the image for full size)

Here are a few of the pics sent in from Softech riders around the globe. We are stoked to see so many riders of all ages & levels getting wet & enjoying the surf!

Send us your pics (click the envelope, top right corner) & if it makes us smile we'll send you out some sweet new Softech stickers for your softboard.

Chris Durl
The new bench mark for surf schools
Softech 8'0 DSS Surf School Softboard

Softech is stoked to announce the upcoming release of our new 8'0 DSS (Double Sided Slick) Surf School Softboard.

Designed with the very beginner in mind, this softboard is specifically designed for Surf Schools  and Learn to Surf Camps. The addition of our ground breaking DSS (Double Sided Slick) technology means riders get more flotation and more stability = faster learning.

The quality & durability of the Softech series makes it a favourite with surf schools world wide.

If you would like further information about this new board please contact us by clicking on the envelope at the top of the website.

Chris Durl
Chris: my go-to board
  Softech Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

Softech Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

The easiest way to spice up & change the feel of your surfboard is by simply changing the fins. 

We put the word out among our staff & team riders to uncover some of their favourite FCS fin combinations:


The Rider: Chris; works as our IT guy.  Weight 75kg, Height 5’11”

The Board: Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

Fun, fun, fun! This is my go-to board on days when I’m standing in the car park wondering if I should paddle out. The 5 fin setup gives me the flexibility to choose if I want to ride it as a tri or quad. I ride the DSS (Double Sided Slick) version which gives the board added strength, & the feel that you’re riding a fiberglass shooter. 

The Fins: FCS AM-2’s + FCS Soft Plastic Keels

Using the FCS AM-2’s on the outside give this board exceptional speed & drive. Team this up in the rear with the soft plastic keel fins (included free with the board) & you have yourself a load of fun! The board is fast down the line, but the soft plastic keel fins give the back of the board a loose ‘skatey’ feel –perfect for throwing out the tail.

The first day I rode this board it was only 2 foot & most surfers weren't even bothering paddling out. I was so stoked riding this board that I surfed until my arms & legs ached.

My tip is give it a quick wax-up before each surf for a bit of extra grip.

Softech is the only softboard brand in the world to have removable fins (our exclusive technology is Patent Pending).

Chris Durl