Jake: Zipping down the line

The easiest way to spice up & change the feel of your surfboard is by simply changing the fins. 

We put the word out among our staff & team riders to uncover some of their favourite FCS fin combinations:


The Rider: Jake: works in our Operations Dept.  Weight: 65kg, Height: 5’9”

The Board: Softech 5’4 Tom Carroll ‘TC’ Pro

I'm 5’9, & I love how the slightly smaller 5’4 TC Pro feels. When the surf is big the board is compact enough to throw into tight turns, but it also has that added volume & width making it a wave magnet on days when the surf is small.

The Fins: FCS H-3 Nexus

The FCS H-3 Nexus fins are made of an ultra light epoxy material ensuring strength & performance. The H-3 Nexus fins give me that sweet spot of speed & hold. I surf it in every day beach breaks where its perfect for zipping down the line & throwing in a big turn.

By simply changing the fins its given my board an added level of responsiveness & performance.

Softech is the only softboard brand in the world to have removable fins (our exclusive technology is Patent Pending).

Chris Durl