Chris: my go-to board

  Softech Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

Softech Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

The easiest way to spice up & change the feel of your surfboard is by simply changing the fins. 

We put the word out among our staff & team riders to uncover some of their favourite FCS fin combinations:


The Rider: Chris; works as our IT guy.  Weight 75kg, Height 5’11”

The Board: Jake Levy ‘JL’ DSS Signature

Fun, fun, fun! This is my go-to board on days when I’m standing in the car park wondering if I should paddle out. The 5 fin setup gives me the flexibility to choose if I want to ride it as a tri or quad. I ride the DSS (Double Sided Slick) version which gives the board added strength, & the feel that you’re riding a fiberglass shooter. 

The Fins: FCS AM-2’s + FCS Soft Plastic Keels

Using the FCS AM-2’s on the outside give this board exceptional speed & drive. Team this up in the rear with the soft plastic keel fins (included free with the board) & you have yourself a load of fun! The board is fast down the line, but the soft plastic keel fins give the back of the board a loose ‘skatey’ feel –perfect for throwing out the tail.

The first day I rode this board it was only 2 foot & most surfers weren't even bothering paddling out. I was so stoked riding this board that I surfed until my arms & legs ached.

My tip is give it a quick wax-up before each surf for a bit of extra grip.

Softech is the only softboard brand in the world to have removable fins (our exclusive technology is Patent Pending).

Chris Durl